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Highlight your creative potential
never compare yourself with anyone!

Serlahkan potensi kreatif anda
usah bandingkan diri anda dengan sesiapa juga!


Person Centred Creative Practices Asia (PCCP ASIA) is a Humanistic-Interactive, Integrative application developed by Dr. Azizah Abdullah for her PhD`s work, drawn from a combination of :

1. Person-Centred Art Therapy ( Liesl Silverston, UK )

2. Person-Centred Expressive Arts Therapy (Dr. Natalie Rogers, USA)

3. Child-Centred Play Therapy (Scholars from North America & Europe)

My Viewpoint for PCCP ASIA

Person-Centred Creative Practice (Asia) uses a wide range of creative arts activities, multiple forms of expressive arts, and a variety of play methods. The essence of person-centred creative practices is theory-based concepts of symbolisation processes. 

(Azizah Abdullah, 2015)

"My creative practice’s journey encompasses a theoretical understanding based on the ideology of Dr. Carl Rogers, founder of the People -Centred Approach (PCA) in North America. I began with a comprehensive historical perspective on the development of PCA, followed by a more detailed and systematic review of the historical viewpoint of the three main approaches (PCAT, PCEAT & CCPT) that forms the establishment of People-Centred Creative Practice (PCCP) Asia`s Chapter. It’s truly an exciting and fascinating exploration with cross-continents adventures."

Dialogue With The Arts (DWA)

My drawing aftermath after a few close friendships with Asylum`s groups from war countries.....this dialogue with the arts telling my inner thought and feeling inspired by their inner strength.

.............Down memory lane at Links, Centre for Asylum support group, Lincoln Avenue, Glasgow, Scotland.  

The principle that strengthens me......                                                                 


Along the way towards successful  some people might envy and malice to us, will always throw stones at us. Don`t throw them back, collect all the stones, work in silent, avoid and ignore these people,  and build an Empire!!!!!!! 

My dream to build PCCP ASIA`s empire almost come to reality, after many years tireless work for its. 

Success is no accident. It`s hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, the passion for what you are developing or doing. 

I believe each individual has their own specialties and uniqueness. Each of us has the right to achieve success, enjoy the happiness and peace of life as a result of our efforts and hard work.


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