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American Psychological Association (APA)

American Psychology Association : Membership Webinars​​


  1. Webinar: It’s Worse than You Think: An Update on Research on Social Media’s Impact on Children

  2. Webinar: Policy Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Therapeutics in the Mental Health and Substance Use Crisis Confirmation.

  3. Webinar: Assessing and Treating OCD and Anxiety Disorders: A Look Across the Lifespan Confirmation. Funded by Mclean, Harvard Medical School Affiliate. 

  4. Webinar : Supercharge Your Presence: Website Accessibility and Inclusive Design.

  5. Webinar : Playing the Long Game in Becoming a Recognized Expert.

  6. Speaking of Psychology: Creativity, insight and “eureka moments,” with John Kounios, PhD

  7. Being the Creative in Professional Practice, with Paula Christian-Kliger, PhD

  8. Meditation & Creative Self-Care, with Paula Christian-Kliger, PhD.

  9. Creating Connections: An Intro to the Alda Method, Sponsored by Alan Alda Centre for Communication Science, Stoony Brook University, USA. 

  10. Psychologists Against Ageism: Promoting Productive Narratives and Inclusivity about Aging, funded by The American Psychological Association’s Committee on Aging (CONA) is partnering with the Gerontological Society of America (GSA)

  11. Climate Change and Mental Health: An Update. 

  12. Supporting Clinicians and Family Members Who Care for Suicidal Patients, Funded by Mclean, Harvard Medical School Affiliate. 

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