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Among many kind & helpful people globally. They helped and supported in various ways. Nice, kind and helpful people I met while studying in Scotland, are told in upcoming motivation book:   

My Journey to the West: An untold story

*John (Officer at Jordanhill Campus, University of Strathclyde) who help with    sponsorship`s awards for Workshop (England) and Conference (USA). 

*Late Captain Andrew Steven, who show how polite, kind, humble and helpful  Scottish`s Pilot. 

*Mark Sameon (Helpful, Kind & Polite Glasgow Housing Officer, Scotland

*Gabriel (Scotland)

*Maureen`s Family who recommended schools and always entertained my children especially Paul (cute boy) and beautiful princess Melanie (Neighbour SouthBrae Drive,  Glasgow, Scotland)

*Our Family`s General Practitioner@Medical Doctor, NHS, Glasgow, Scotland.

*Alex from Travel Agency, Manchester (UK) very helpful in managing the journey to USA via British Airway.

*British Couple who help us when we lost otw to interview practitioner in South England.

*Melissa Taylor ( Long Term Australian Soul Mate) 

*Katryn & Family entertained around York City & sponsored for many attractions at North-East England ( York, England)

*Adele entertained around Lake District & sponsored returned tickets (family) cruise Ambleside - Windermere  ( Lake District, Cumbria, England)

*Izzy & Family ( Blackburn, England) TQ for provided FOC accomodation 3D 2N during our 1st visited to London, and entertained the boys to many attractions around London. TQ for the ball signed by Blackburn`s FC too. 

*David ( Cork, Ireland) A friendly guy, home`s owner during our first visited to London, on the way for data collection across England.

*A Stranger at Versailles, France who help us find Halal Restaurant.

*British Airway`s Officer at Boston`s Airport, upgraded our tickets FOC from Boston to London, in order to make sure we stay closely together ( Me & My    Young Kids).

*British Airway`s staffs  who search for our missing luggage from London to Washington Dulles and sent it safely to Kutztown University, Pennsylvania. 

*A Stranger at Lancaster & New York City, USA, who gave us Halal Foods   during our journey from Washington Dulles to Boston, USA. 

*Prof. Jo Cohen Hamilton, Kutztown University, Pennsylvania, who invited and  sponsor for ADPCA`s Conference in USA, got university apartment with reduces rate, and introduced to many scholars & practitioners of PCA (USA)

*Strathclyde`s Police who always kind and helpful whenever needed.

*Mr & Mrs Simpson (Scottish`s lawyer & Nurse) who always invited Ammar stay overnight with their son , and vice versa at our home, every month.

*A Stranger@ English`s Lady we met in the bus travelled from Glasgow to London, who said she admired and impressed with me travelled alone with only young kids. 

*Dr Yousef AlAjarma (IEATA, USA)

*Dr Kate Donohue (IEATA, USA)

*Dr Laury Rappaport (IEATA, USA)

*Dr Fiona Chang (IEATA, Hong Kong)

*Prof David Gussack (Florida State University, USA)

*Dr Baxter J Garcia (Art Therapist, USA)

And many more golden-hearted individuals throughout  travels abroad, that their kindness will never forgotten.  

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