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  • Registration Fee: (USD48) RM200

  • Program`s Fee: (USD1564) RM6600/per person + Registration Fee = (USD1613) RM6800

  • Payment Method:

    • Full Payment (10% Discount from (USD1564) RM6600) Before Starting Course 

    • Monthly Instalments (USD285) RM1200.00) Before Each Module Begin

  • Local Order (LO): (USD 1613) RM6800 + Registration Fee (USD48) RM200 = (USD 1658) RM7000                        

  • (Fee including Kit`s program, student`s E-Card, E-Books, PPT handouts, selected articles from journal, Evaluations, E-Certificate and student`s membership with Association for Creative Arts & Play Therapy, Malaysia (ACAPTM).

  • Students also entitle as Certified Facilitator Creative Arts Therapy (CFCAT) with Centre Reference Number, will display on PCCP website.

  • Students are encouraging to apply as student`s member (USD25/RM106) with IEATA for enrichment learnings.

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