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Professional Certification
Expressive Arts Facilitation (CEXAT L1): 100 Hours (Theories, Practices, Applications & Group Supervision)

S1) Step the Avenue; S2) Connection Platform




Course Syllabus will be distributes before Welcome Remarks & Course Briefing


Program Description

CEXAT L1 consists of Twelve (12) modules with experiential work of using expressive arts practices within humanistic framework and eclectic’s perspective. CEXAT L1 combines interactive method including home-based lecture, experiential learning and processes, audio-video reviews & analysis, treatment plan suggested, case study reports, onsite practices, supervision, personal modules design, as well as course assessments with quiz, case presentation, Individual Arts Journaling (IAJ) and publish article, at the end of the courses. Language use mainly will be English, Malay, and/or Mandarin depend on amount of student’s register. Readings, discussions, articles review, and a creative project will ground the experience from theories and practices. Applications with diversity and various client populations are included. Face to face-Virtual learning engagements will be conduct via Zoom`s app, watch recorded version-home study if miss any classes, with worldwide inputs. The course including joining or watch recorded version of International Conference of Creative Arts & Play Therapy in July 2023 (WCCAPT 2023) as learning contact hours from global experts.


CEXAT L1 will take approximately EIGHT (8) months to complete with weekend classes every month (Saturday Morning or/and Afternoon & evening - depend on location of students.

Subject to changes if necessary with agreement between trainer and students. 

Course Objectives:

1. Students will explore the core theoretical foundations of expressive arts therapy, interconnection between creative-expressive process and therapeutic arts Assessments skills with in-depth communication of inner-unknown life experiences.

2. Students will gain a better understanding of skills and practices relevant to the use of multi-modality and inter-modality, triadic ways creative arts processes in helping profession, education, human growth/resources, workplace/industries and leadership area as well as for corporate and business.

3. Students will be able to apply expressive arts therapeutic practices with highly empathic understanding and significant attitudes-person-centred way in accordance with the International Code of Ethics and professional guidelines for practice.

4. Students will learn of how to engage with the expressive art’s therapeutic practices-creating, inner and outer dialogue with the creative activities, and to express themselves spontaneously.

Ongoing personal reflections will conduct from time to time to evaluate and enhances knowledges and skills practices.  


TUTION FEES (Subject to changes): Latest Currency in MYR & USD: 

  1. Registration Fee (Upon Registration)                                                           RM200/USD46

       (E-Learning Materials, Arts Tools Kit, CEXAT Practitioner's Card,                                                                                                    12 E-Books Expressive Arts Therapy)

   2. Residential Retreat 3D 2N (Venue TBC)                                                       RM500/USD113 

   3. Full Course Fee                                                                                                RM6800/USD1537

TOTAL COURSE WITH RESIDENTIAL RETREAT                                                 RM7500/USD1695

Re-Treat Residential Expressive Arts: In-depth Self-Discovery                                                                                                Face to Face experiential practices with group supervision for 3 Days 2 Night in Kuala Lumpur. 













Students will be guide to prepare personal E-Portfolio. 

The purpose of the E-Portfolio, is to provide documentation of student understanding and practice of expressive arts facilitation and for the future possibility of becoming a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist Consultant Educator (REACE) and/or Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT) through the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA).

Schedule For Professional Certification Level One:
Expressive Arts Facilitation (CEXAT L1) 2023

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