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PCCP Mission


PCCP`s mission is to extend and expand these interactive, flexible, integrative, creative, playful and powerful approaches, mainly in South-East-Asia, as promised to late Dr Natalie Rogers (Personal Communication, 2008). The main particular interest is how helpful these approaches of utilising art or play materials might be in psychological therapies, in education, for parenting, human development, workplace and industries, as well for wider community.


Dr Azizah Abdullah, founder of PCCP is among those actively empowering the field of creative-expressive arts & play therapy in South-Asia, with comprehensive global networking. 

International Expressive Art Therapy Association (IEATA) have regular contact with Dr Azizah Abdullah to update requirements for REACE & REAT for those from Asia Regional to apply for IEATA`s Credential. 

Person-Centred Creative Practices @Dialogue with The Arts (PCCP-DWA), utilising variety of creative techniques and methods with wider international engagements and networking.


PCCP-DWA is a premier program that offer wider creative innovative interactive tools to tap to our inner journey, exploring a deeper part of ourselves. PCCP-DWA refers to creative arts tools which provides additional language for conversation that enable individuals to understand their personal meaning in many different ways. DWA is built from comprehensive scientific research to foster in-depth insight-awareness and unexpected self-discovery.


"You can step into different levels of avenues to experience how dialogue with the arts can discover and unlock your innovative personal potential, and can subsequently move deeper to develop professional achievements, in a more creative and expressive way.  During more than a decade of creative journey, I discovered that by nature, I am a creative person-in my own unique means I prefer to work with."


"My personal dialogue with the creative arts includes past profound memory about my life in Scotland-once in a lifetime, my family as pearls in my heart, my dream of chasing a miracle, my vision for PCCP, as well my soul and spiritual strength.  No doubt, pictures and images can inform us thousands worth of stories."


(Expressive arts processing during Focusing-oriented art therapy workshop with Dr Laury Rappaport, Hong Kong 2015)

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