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Website Policy

The website and contents are owned by  PCCP Training & Consultancy (RA0089042-D).



This website use English UK & USA as main language, translate by Google to Malay & International Chinese Language. Therefore, there will be sentence errors in Malay & Chinese in the content of this website. However, There are sentences that has been corrected after google translation & we continue to review and make amendment. For those who wish to make corrections, feel free to email to:


The Term Person-Centred Creative Practices Asia (PCCP ASIA) and all contents, belong to Dr Azizah Abdullah (The founder for PCCP ASIA) , based on her original PhD’s work at University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom. All information are from Dr Azizah Abdullah empirical research, and referred from major books and articles of scholars in respective fields.


The copyright of PCCP ASIA & all contents belongs to the author@ Dr Azizah Abdullah, under the terms of the United Kingdom Copyright Acts as qualified by the University of Strathclyde Regulation 3.50.

Due acknowledgement must always be made of the use of any material contained in, or derived from, this website. Any statements taken from this website must quote the relevant sources of reference to avoid plagiarism of the authors & other key scholars hard work.

The information's shared on this website are provides with utmost care, through a comprehensive reviewed. Therefore, readers are expected not to arbitrarily take information's without placing appropriate references.


Also, if there are any pictures (mostly from our programs), names and organizations of readers on this website that do not intent to be displayed, please contact us immediately to delete them. All pictures, names and organizations displayed in this website are for the purpose of sharing activities, to acknowledges significant kind people who support Dr Azizah Abdullah in many different ways, and for the information of visitors to this website only. Any case, please contact us by email or WhatsApp us, and its will be removed as soon as possible. 


WhatsApp: +601136693401




To protect clients right for privacy, PCCP Training & Consultancy operates following Confidentiality, Ethical Frameworks & Private Protection Policy based on:


  1. HIPAA, USA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) Notice of Privacy Practices and Client Rights Document by American Counselling Association (ACA).

  2. Ethical Principles for Art Therapists’ American Art Therapy Association (AATA)

  3. Code of Ethics, Conduct, And Disciplinary Procedures, Art Therapy Credential Board (ATCB)

  4. REAT Code of Ethics, International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA)

  5. An Ethical Basis for Good Practice in Play Therapy, British Association for Play Therapy (BAPT) & Association for Play Therapy, USA (A4PT)

  6. Ethical Framework and Confidentiality, British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

  7. Counsellor Code of Ethics (Counsellor Acts 580), Malaysian Board of Counsellor.

  8. Online Therapy Security, Ethics, and Confidentiality based on American Psychological Association (APA), European Federation Art Therapy (EFAT) & Association for Counselling and Therapy Online, UK (ACTO)


Clients or students of PCCP Training & Consultancy can request related documents in terms of privacy, confidentiality, ethics & professional practice from the centre prior to services engages or training involves, to gain more understanding. The documents can request by email to:


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