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"Dialogue with The Arts ” focus on Person-Centred Creative Practices (PCCP)

Global Learning Engagements from Home .                                                                                   


By joining us, will safe costs for travelling, accommodation and meals as well as time from Malaysia/South-East Asia to USA. The course also more cheaper from many courses offers in USA , but stills learn from experts scholars.    

Two levels and two kinds of Professional training under PCCP Training & Consultancy with hybrid educational model, conducted via face to face (experiential practices) and online lecture with experts and scholars in Creative Expressive Arts & Play Therapy. This two-programs offering professional certificates with a concentration on Person-Centred Creative Practice, utilising variety of expressive arts multi-modalities, under three main domains of visual/arts therapy, expressive arts therapy and play therapy with wider international engagements and networking’s.



Professional Certification in Expressive Arts Therapy (CEXAT)

Our approaches in expressive arts therapy, namely “Expressive Arts-Dialogue with the Arts” refers to the use of creative-expressive arts materials or activities which provide additional language for conversation that are more visual and kinesthetic to assist peoples to understand and discover themselves in many different ways. "Dialogue with the Arts", emerged from scientific research outcomes, can be apply for human development, counselling and therapy, coaching, consulting, motivational, educational, parenting, as well as personal and professional changes.


Dialogue with the Arts involves five stages of knowledge & skills practices: S1) Step the Avenue; S2) Connection Platform; S3) Relational Experiences; S4) Middle Pathway; and S5) Peak Vista. Our programs based on international perspective, knowledge and experiences, mainly follow IEATA`s guidelines and requirements as expressive arts therapist or educator.


Therefore, the long -term vision for this training is to build a pathway as an expressive arts consultant educator (REACE) and expressive arts therapist (REAT), that enables to register with IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association).


Course Description

Our two years with 200-hours Expressive Arts Facilitation (100Hours) & Expressive Arts Therapy (100 hours) certification designed for practicing therapists, counsellors, psychologist, psychotherapist, mental health professionals, human resource personnel/manager, organisational trainers/consultants, personnel at rehabilitation centre/prison/police department, social workers, teachers, educators/lecturers including PhD`s Supervisor, parents and all allied mental health professional who wish to integrate the creative-expressive process, theories and the skills of expressive arts practices into their work. Expressive Arts training`s program embraces a different multi-modalities and inter-modalities methods and techniques. The expressive arts certification training may be used to enhance facilitating process, clinical practice, expand competence with a variety of art modalities, explore therapeutic interventions, activate creativity in the classroom as well enrich leadership innovation for workplace and industry management.


Certificate in Expressive Arts training program is unique in its own way, integrates theories, practices, application, internship and supervision. It combines theories on Person-Centred Expressive Arts Therapy (PCEAT) of Dr Natalie Rogers, Jung Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy pioneer by Dr Kate Donohue (Co-Founder of IEATA), Focusing Oriented-Expressive Arts Therapy (FOAT®) founded by Dr Laury Rappaport, and Polyvagal Focused-Expressive Arts Therapy by Deb Dana. Combination of these theories providing unique, eclectics approaches within Person-Centred Creative Practices perspective.


Expressive Arts Certification emphasis on PCCP-DWA is designed particularly for those wishing to learn how to use multi-modalities and inter-modalities of creative-expressive practices based on experiential, clinical practice, and above all under long term supervision with experts and key scholars in this respective field. This program enables the students to learn, later, introduce their clients/students/employee the opportunity to work through whichever medium that suitable for them or wider creative-expressive arts forms for different setting such as in helping profession, in education, different communities, workplace and industries, or enriching leadership creativity and innovation. The course contents and curriculum had discussed and reviewed with the former co-Founders/Advisors (REAT`s title) of International Expressive Art Therapy Association (IEATA), to ensure fulfil the significant requirements for professional development.


This program prepares students to apply as Certified Facilitator Expressive Arts Therapy (CF-EAT) and Clinical Member/Registered Practitioner Creative Arts Therapy (RPCAT) with Association for Creative Arts & Play Therapy, Malaysia (ACAPTM). For those who wish to pursue their professional pathway to become Registered Expressive Arts Consultant Educator (REACE) and/or Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT) in future, they can include the training hours and clinical practices from this program in their application, as formal training, including internship and supervision hours. Students need to prepare E-Portfolio towards applying for Registered Expressive Arts Consultant Educator (REACE) and Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT) with International Expressive Art Therapy Association (IEATA), with strong supports from faculty team. 



​Professional Certification in Integrative Play Therapy (CIPT)

Play is children means for communication, toys and materials are their words. There are the need for professional working with children to undertake systematic training on play therapy and contemporary interventions to interact therapeutically with children. This due to children nature development which they find it difficult to communicate and express hidden emotions accurately through verbal processing. Through play activities, children can `act out` and express their feelings more spontaneously and naturally. Therefore, this professional certification are suitable to engage children with emotional, behavioural and social problems.  It essential to understand child development and psychology as well the way to interact more effectively from the perspective of the child's world.



Creative-Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts Facilitation

Expressive Arts Therapy

 Integrative Play Therapy

Certificate Therapeutic Play Skills


Certificate Play Therapy

(Integrative Practice)

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