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Fog and Nature

World Health Organization (WHO)

  1. WHO Panel Discussion: Role of arts & arts therapies in the context of the pandemic, organised by Research Centre for Arts & Wellbeing, Edge hill University, England, UK in collaboration with the Creative Arts Therapies Consortium at New York University, USA.                                            Featuring Christopher Bailey, Arts and Health Lead (World Health Organisation) ; Dr Nisha Sajnani, New York University (USA) ; Prof. Felicity Baker, University of Melbourne  (Australia); Prof Vicky Karkou, Edge hill University (UK) and Dr Azizah Abdullah, Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malaysia). 2020.

  2. World Health Organization ( WHO) Quality Rights Initiative E-Training to advance mental health, eliminate stigma and promote community inclusion. Organized by WHO. 2022               

  • Module 1 : Human Right

  • Module 2 : Human rights, Mental Health and Disability

  • Module 3 : Legal Capacity and the right to decide

  • Module 4 : Ending coercion, violence and abuse

  • Module 5 : Quality services and community inclusion

  • Module 6 : Mental health, well-being and recovery

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